About Us

Level is a small plates lounge, a concept that has proven to be incredibly successful in many areas of the country. All our menu items are designed to be shared, and are both Chesapeake and internationally inspired.


Level was established as a locals first atmosphere with welcoming attitudes to all. The cocktails are all handcrafted with fresh juices, mixes, and garnishes. One of the many things that makes us unique is our ability and commitment to source as many fresh ingredients locally from the State of Maryland and surrounding markets. We are dedicated to supporting the area small businesses, watermen, farmers, and the environment on a local and global level. Our small plates style of dining encourages this sense of community and sharing. Level is located on the second block of West Street known as the Arts District.



Level Small Plates Lounge is committed to finding inventive and productive ways to reduce our impact as a business on the environment both locally and globally. Each aspect of our business from sourcing local farms and businesses to creating our own recycling initiatives are designed to reduce the impact of our waste. Level employs the following initiatives to efficiently reduce our impact on all facets of our business. Recycling program: glass, cardboard, ink, light bulbs, aluminum, among others. Weekly recycling runs that deliver our recyclables to the appropriate recycling centers.


In a world with so many surrounding distractions, we believe it is vital and healthy to sit down with your friends and family, relax, share some great local food and cheers a tasty cocktail.


Eat. Drink. Socialize.


Level – A Small Plates Lounge
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