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Our team of talented Mixologists have just launched our new 2023 Spring Cocktails. From “Coco Chanel” to “Silicon Valley”, we’ve created some of the most complex cocktails in the industry.

Level’s award-winning cocktails are handcrafted with fresh and house-made ingredients. Each cocktail benefits from hours of prep by our team, from squeezing fresh lime juice for our famous Gimlet to cooking up seasonal jams for the local favorite, The Bourbonapolis. Our mixologists pride themselves on creating a diverse selection of drinks that compliment our cuisine and are sure to please every palette.

Join us tonight and experience the true talent that our staff brings to Annapolis.


For the true connoisseur, we have assembled a refined menu of some of the most exquisite spirits available. From the hint of vanilla in Elija Craig’s Small Batch Bourbon to the smoky sweetness of Highland Park’s Viking Honour Single Malt Scotch, you will enjoy all the nuances and flavors that the world’s finest spirits have offer. When it’s this good, you don’t need anything but the relaxing atmosphere here at Level and the time to enjoy it.

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